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Our Story

Marshall & Daughters is a family owned and operated small business specialising in hand made New York Style Loaded Choc Chip Cookies. We have traveled extensively throughout the USA over the past 15 years and while on one particular trip to New York we fell in love with New York Style Loaded Choc Chip Cookies. We wanted to share the taste of the Big Apple with our family and friends back home and have been baking cookies, perfecting our recipe and enjoying them with our loved ones ever since, now we want to share these delicious cookies with you!  

Our two Daughters have always loved our cookies and throughout their childhood we have spent countless hours making them together as a family in numerous different forms, perfecting the recipe through trial and error and enjoying them together. This is why when it was time to choose a name we thought it only right that we choose the name “Marshall & Daughters” as they have been such an important part of the process.  


We are extremely passionate about delivering an authentic New York Style Cookie taste to our customers, every time! Each giant cookie is loaded with premium ingredients, handmade with love, baked fresh daily and delivered to your door. We bake to order and offer flat rate express shipping Australia Wide. 


Go ahead, grab a box and see what all the fuss is about, we hope you love them as much as we do! 


Nathan & Mel Marshall - Marshall & Daughters Founders

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